About Us

You all must have heard stories of your grandmother in childhood. But now after growing up, the situation becomes such that we can no longer hear that story. And because of being fond of listening to stories, we cannot live without listening to the story.

Kahaniaz.com keeps presenting such exciting stories for you, which you used to hear from grandmother in childhood. Some of these stories relate to the truth and some are made just for entertainment.

Today, in a world full of evils, it has become difficult to give good education to children. We also offer moral stories for our readers. You can read these stories to your children. Everyone can read our stories from children to adults.

We have different categories of all types of stories, such as fairy tales, witch stories, ghost stories, and magical stories, etc. As this is a new website, so we provide only limited types of stories. But as the site will grow up we’ll try our best to provide you more category of stories.

Additionally, you can watch these stories in the embedded videos. Embedded videos of stories have the copyright to their respective owner.

We hope this site has fulfilled your needs and entertained you successfully. If you have any suggestions about the improvement of the site then you are most welcome to contact us.